To take full advantage of the power of the cloud, companies must be able to connect it with existing corporate solutions. Integration with your corporate applications which will enable you to add contextual values ​​of the current call to your business processes. Our integration team is constantly on the lookout for the latest enterprise applications and ensures a constant evolution of our integration portfolio.

Microsoft Teams

Your voice calls using Microsoft Teams

Combine the power of your SBK unified communication solution with your corporate collaboration tools such as document sharing and video conferencing with Microsoft Teams connector. Place and receive calls through Microsoft Teams just as you do on your desktop phone. One interface do accomplish all your tasks. 


Google Chrome

Google Chrome browser extension

Unleash the power of browser and integrate your call control features using our Google chrome extension. Detection of phone numbers in your business applications such as your CRM allows for automatic dialling using a single click. Control your calls (answer, record, dial) directly in Google chrome without touching your phone.



Salesforce integration

Give your contact center agents and sales representatives the information they need. Connect the intelligence of your customer data to your current call through call data logging (notes, duration, etc.) automatically in the Salesforce customer record. Increase in productivity and global customer experience.