Alexandre Champagne


The attention to detail

Responsible for the management and strategic orientation, Alexandre is conscientious and always ensures that everything is set up to run smoothly. His leadership and 15 years of experience in telecommunications testify to his great attention to detail. Seasoned manager, he likes working on complex concepts. His strength: uniting an empirical approach to a methodical and systematic approach. Alexander holds a computer science education from the University of Montreal.

Daniel Fortin

Daniel Fortin

Vice-president, operations

The passion of technology

Following an impressive path articulated around the architecture of security solutions in large consulting companies such as CGI, Daniel founded SecureByKnowledge in 2005, today known as SBK TELECOM. His passion for technology led him to develop the mechanisms and operational processes necessary to the growth of SBK. He ensures the development of technology platforms and operational processes to deliver quality service to his clients. He thus transmits his passion for technology and contributes to the advancement of next-generation managed services of «cloud computing», such as hosted IP telephony and management of networks.

Jean-Philippe Savaria

Jean-Philippe Savaria, eng.

Vice-president, professional services

The desire for irreproachable service

Jean-Philippe began his career at Bell Canada as a support engineer for large enterprise network solutions. Perfectionist, he is an experienced solutions architect who solves the most complex communication challenges. In order to pursue his ascent, he joined SBK TELECOM in 2006 and now assures the leadership and development of the company’s professional services. His desire to provide irreproachable service is the source of success for SBK. Jean-Philippe is a graduate of École Polytechnique de Montréal and a member of the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec.

Stéphane Beaulieu

Stéphane Beaulieu

Vice-president, sales and marketing

The commercial creativity

After more than 15 years at Bell Canada - including several years as manager of a team in the large business division - Stéphane has completed the SBK management team in 2010. Since then, he uses his knowledge in commercial creativity to service SBK’s business relations development and marketing strategies. His dynamism and extensive sales and information technology background are key factors in elevating SBK TELECOM to new heights. Stéphane holds a bachelor’s degree in Business administration and finance from the School of Management, UQAM.