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Posted by David Champmartin on April 9, 2019 11:10:00 EDT AM

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Recording conversations, transferring to a mobile device, getting your voicemails by email, monitoring when traveling, a mobile application, communications between different sites, etc. You can certainly brag about the features of your IP phone system! But how secure is it?

At SBK Telecom, security is the foundation of our IP phone system services.

All functions offered by hosted IP phone systems (IP telephony) are based on cloud technology. Your communications must pass through the cloud to reach their destination. The security of interactions with your customers can be compromised.

Do you connect your phone directly to the Internet? Without a firewall? Are your communications encrypted? Is your Internet connection protected? Have you checked if your provider uses a reliable, secure or private network for your communications?

SBK's information and telecommunications security consulting engineers have developed a hosted IP phone system platform that meets industry best practices. Nothing has been left to chance to ensure efficient and secure communications. 

The next time you pick up your handset, ask yourself this question:

“Who designed the telephony infrastructure security and how was it implemented?”

And if you have to choose a new provider, ask yourself the same question BEFORE signing an agreement!


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