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      IP telephony equipment

      Hosted IP telephony provides many ways to take your business to the next level. SBK Telecom offers a variety of equipment to make it easier for you to achieve your business goals.

      Equipment for businesses

      No matter what type of business you operate, our IP phone equipment is perfectly suited to any work environment, including SMEs, large industry, professional firms and small offices. SBK Telecom can equip you for success!


      Polycom — VVX Series

      Clear communications without glitches or interference

      The VVX series is suitable for companies looking for quality, reliability and performance. The integration of HD Voice™ and Acoustic Fence™ technologies as well as an intuitive, colour user interface provide a range of possibilities. The VVX series is ergonomic, elegant, and acoustically superior, and these devices ensure optimal communication experiences at work. Whether you opt for Whether it is for courtesy or prestige, all models will meet your expectations.


      Cisco — 8800 Series

      World class IP telephony

      Cisco 8800 devices combine high performance with ease of use. The use of various Algorithms, with superior cryptographic power, make them very reliable in terms of data security. This series takes IP telephony to another level with sophisticated features and possibilities, such as 720p HD video communication, functionalities compatible with personal telephones, the Cisco EnergyWise™ cost reduction mode, etc.


      Yealink — T5 Series

      Functional design

      The new T5 professional series solidifies Yealink as a leader in IP telephony. Yealink uses the SIP protocol and DECT standard, all while focusing on the user experience. The device has an adjustable screen with and anti-reflective, high-resolution display, providing easy listening in an open area. This system integrates Yealink Acoustic Shield™ and Bluetooth 4.2 technology and Wi-Fi functionality, and can accommodate up to 4 DECT handsets. The T5 Series is the ideal solution for small offices.

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      *If one of your devices is not listed but meets the SIP standards, it is also compatible.

      Conference room equipment

      We ensure effective group meetings by using devices that enable interaction in the comfort of your office’s meeting room. We provide IP devices for conference call use that are equipped with efficient and intuitive technologies to really simplify things.


      Polycom —Trio Conference Series

      Efficiency is on the agenda regardless of the meeting room

      Meeting participants will never miss out on details of the conversation with the Trio Conference Series, devices that auto-calibrate their sound volume and microphone sensitivity according to the room dynamics. These are truly intelligent interfaces with exclusive Noise Block™ noise elimination technology, an up to 5” colour touch screen, and optional connectivity to several platforms simultaneously, or from mobile devices through USB or Bluetooth/NFC. These devices raise the technical level for virtual meetings.


      Yealink — Conference Series

      Wireless conferencing in all your meeting rooms

      Yealink has successfully combined power, compatibility and simplicity with its Conference Series. Available in a variety of advanced devices, this series focuses on multicasting and mobility. Say goodbye to furniture cluttered with a power supply and hard-wired management modules, because everything is wireless! It has a 360-degree indoor voice range of up to 6 meters, and it can be paired with a cell phone or a laptop/tablet. In the meeting room, calls are kept clear and audible through the Yealink Noise Proof™ audio technology. Now that is smart telecommunications!


      Cisco — 8832

      Conferencing at its best

      The Cisco 8832 business-class device features a unique speaker and microphone architecture that makes it the best large room audio conferencing system. It is configurable and changeable, with its wireless extension microphone kit. The system can support meetings involving up to 42 people. Its new, contemporary ergonomic design and undistorted bass and treble sound makes the Cisco 8832 a scalable solution that's difficult to ignore.

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      *If one of your devices is not listed but meets the SIP standards, it is also compatible.

      Enhanced reception-desk equipment

      IP telephony is synonymous with improvement in every way. For receptionists, administrative staff and managers, devices and graphical interfaces have been developed to simplify communications as well as to facilitate the handling of large volumes of calls and contact management.


      Cisco, Yealink, Polycom — Expansion modules

      Be quick on the call

      Most prestige IP telephones can be transformed into reception consoles by adding an expansion module. Cisco, Yealink and Polycom all offer this type of module, which enables you to supervise all system users and manage large call volumes. In addition to the usual features, they include speed-dialling and programmable keys. All of these functions appear on a pleasant and practical LCD screen.


      Web console

      Call management is child’s play

      Combine the power of a reception console with your desktop device. The GUI web console helps you manage your new switch for greater call control. It gives you the ability to make all of your configuration changes via a user-friendly web GUI. The web console is integrated into your user portal and is an ideal way to add flexibility to your reception services


      PC console

      Special treatment for all your customers

      Give your receptionists and sales agents an even more effective call answering and distribution tool: the desktop software console. The diversified attendant consoles available are the ideal solution for large call volumes. Process calls quickly using the "drag and drop" function and personalize contact lists with endless possibilities. Your customers, employees and business partners have never been treated better.

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      *If one of your devices is not listed but meets the SIP standards, it is also compatible.


      Specialized devices

      The world of IP telephony is expanding. In the office, the factory, or at home, more and more people appreciate and are taking advantage of the benefits that this reliable and adaptable technology brings. Various systems and devices have been designed to meet the needs for specific uses.


      Yealink — DECT Wireless Series


      All the advantages of IP telephony integrated into fast-charging, long-range devices (up to 30 hours of talk time; 16 days in standby mode). Designed for mobility, the Wireless Series is popular with workers in warehouses, restaurants and stores. The bases (base or wall-mounted) can support up to 8 handsets simultaneously, for a maximum radio range of 50m indoor and 300m outdoors. Stop struggling to understand communications and loss of signal! A coverage analysis also ensures optimal reach according to your needs.


      Algo — Visual intercoms

      Cutting edge technology for entrances

      Algo is a Canadian manufacturer that develops communication devices to secure and remotely control the entrances of buildings, businesses, parking lots, etc. Combined with self-locking doors, these Power over Ethernet (PoE) intercoms integrate the functions of an IP phone, surveillance camera, and access control. They are waterproof, interactive, and multilingual and can be configured to communicate with any device, phone or client connected to the network.


      Analog adapters

      Connect devices requiring an analog line

      The integration of IP protocol improves communications in business. This sometimes requires making connections to existing “legacy-type” components. Thanks to analog adapters, you can optimize traditional telephone systems without significant investment or the risk of weakening the quality. The original functions are preserved and the sound quality is improved. They are an effective IP solution for home, home office and small businesses, compatible with private telephone exchanges (IP PBX).

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      *If one of your devices is not listed but meets the SIP standards, it is also compatible.