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SBK Telecom

Simplify your business communications

We believe every company, small or large, deserves what is better and safer for communication.

Close monitoring at every stage of implementation

In addition to offering performing IP telephony solutions, SBK TELECOM supports you at every stage of their implementation:

  • We identify and evaluate your business needs.
  • We design the network and service offering to meet your expectations.
  • In preparation for the deployment, we develop a project plan and conduct a survey with users in order to optimize the configuration of the solution.
  • During set-up, we provide training so you will be fully autonomous when managing your system.

The efficiency and reliability of a secure network

In an ongoing effort to maintain the confidentiality of your data, the SBK TELECOM network provides a secure data centre that meets the most stringent corporate standards.

Our platform also offers a unique transport infrastructure, enabling a more efficient transit of data. You will thus enjoy a reliable and secure network when you make calls, plus advanced technology worthy of the biggest companies.

A solution in constant evolution

We are committed to maintaining a stable and state of the art environment. Your organization will thus benefit from all the new features of the business IP telephony, from day one of implementation, and without having to bear the initial costs (CAPEX) generated by this type of solution, nor the responsibility or financial burden to make it evolve.

Jean-Philippe Savaria, Eng.

Vice-president, professional services

The desire for irreproachable service

Jean-Philippe began his career at Bell Canada as a support engineer for large enterprise network solutions. Perfectionist, he is an experienced solutions architect who solves the most complex communication challenges. In order to pursue his ascent, he joined SBK TELECOM in 2006 and now assures the leadership and development of the company’s professional services. His desire to provide irreproachable service is a source of success for SBK. Jean-Philippe is a graduate of École Polytechnique de Montréal and a member of the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec.

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