Headache with your telephone system?

Conventional telephone systems have their shortcomings. They are rigid, closed and specific. They restrict telecommunications to limited operating modes. Your business should not be hampered by hardware and incongruency. Let IP telephony take over.


The (not so) good old systems

In business, just having a functional telephony system is no longer good enough. Today, systems must be fast, flexible, efficient and affordable. While your business is innovating and developing, having red tape "systematically" created is certainly something you want to avoid.


SBK is aware of your telephony challenges and needs. If acquiring better telecommunications functionalities means multiplied costs and out-dated equipment, not to mention awaiting technicians who commute, then you have to take it to the next level. IP telephony is an intelligent, hassle-free solution!


The Internet as the foundation of telephony

An "IP system" is a communication technology in which voice is digitized and transmitted to recipients over the internet, hence the acronym VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). Cellular phone options therefore enhance the stability of the traditional landline phone.


IP: A hosted system with reduced costs

IP telephony is a hosted system. All software, devices and equipment (other than the phones) are located with the operator, not the customer. There is no need to buy PBXs, for example. Gone are complicated technical assemblies and mismatched networks!


Your costs will therefore be reduced, but without compromising features and performance. In fact, thanks to online management interfaces, you can perform the required updates and add new functionalities at any time—without the help of a technician.


Flexibility, simplicity and mobility

You can edit greetings or your update your phone book. You can add workstations and lines. With hosted IP telephony, it’s all carried out quickly in house. SBK also provides technical assistance when needed.


IP is also synonymous with mobility and complementarity. When on the go, your teams can collaborate with each other remotely as if they were at their workplace. Just download and use the SBK mobile app available on the App Store (Apple) and Google Play (Android). It’s simple and seamless!


You will be definitely be on cloud nine

Thanks to IP technology and cloud computing, SBK Telecom helps your company simplify its telephone operations, making them 99.99% reliable and reducing operating costs.

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