SecurebyKnowledge Inc. ("SBK") is committed to protecting the personal information of its customers and end users. This document outlines the conditions under which SBK collects, stores and processes information and other data from its customers who have entered into a service agreement with SBK (each a "Customer") for the receipt of corporate communications services and products or related services of SBK (the "Services").

Data Collection

The Customer is responsible for ensuring that any information identifying a living Person (the Customer's personal information) is provided to SBK and its Subcontractors, in accordance with all applicable privacy laws. The Customer represents and warrants that the use of such personal information of the latter by SBK and its subcontractors in the framework of the service agreement, will not violate any applicable privacy protection law, anti-trust law, spam or other rights of involved parties.

For the purposes of single sign-on (SSO), our applications will retrieve the email address associated to your Google™️, Microsoft365™️ or AppleID™️ account for a short duration, for the sole purpose of matching it to the email address already bound to your SBK Voice account. It will also receive from the SSO provider a single-use session token confirming that you have a valid authentication session in effect for said account. No other information provided by Apple, Google or Microsoft will be stored on our servers.

Data Ownership

The customer remains the owner of the information transmitted toSBK. Any non-personal identification information and/or non-client identification information (including aggregated data and statistics) derived from the customer's data and/or derived from the use of SBK’s service does not constitute customer data. SBK will be free to use this information for any purpose.

SBK is commited to:

- not use customer information for purposes other than those required to provide its corporate communications services put in place the necessary protective measures to limit the risk of loss, theft or the communication of customer information;

- put in place the necessary protective measures to limit the risk of loss, theft or the communication of customer information;

- not sell customer information;

- provide reasonable assistance with any request for privacy or data protection legislation authorities;

- handle any complaints relating to the processing of customer information;

- notify of any breach of the security of its IT infrastructure that would result in unauthorized access to customer information.

SBK reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time; so we invite you to frequently refer to it.