Information overload ?

There is an entire arsenal of web marketing tools available today to generate leads and compel them to making a purchase. These include bots, social media posts, chatbots, newsletters, websites and blog. Customers have never been more bombarded with marketing messages. Having said that, communicating remains a means of sharing and adding a human touch to brands. IP telephony provides many advantages in this regard.

An abundance of fleeting messages

At least two trillion bytes of data are produced daily worldwide via the web. This equates to a lot of messages, in all kinds of forms, but which do not always stay in people's minds for very long. Without devaluing a very effective medium like email, as it is useful to ensure rapid feedback, you should know that a message’s impact tends to decrease when there are too many levels to it. This is why face-to-face meetings are still so effective in business.

Today’s constraints in both time and space pose a challenge. Customers are being oversold and drowned in information, travel is becoming more and more difficult, and people schedules are packed.


IP telephony: The voice of success in business

That is why it is so important to be able to rely on a system that enables you to work remotely as well as track and satisfy your customers through rich and interactive (tele)communication. In short, you must count on a flexible, reliable, high-performance telephone system.

The telephone (and videophone) improves the customer experience. It is also the tool of choice in business, because now more than ever people need to hear (and even see) the people with whom they interact, especially in a B2B context. IP telephony provides a way to create this type of "remote intimacy" with customers and partners—without interference or loss in the transmission of voice, ideas, or even emotions.


Email has some limitations

Even within the specialized blogosphere, telephone communication’s superiority over email is compelling, especially in the following six situations:

  • You know that the subject matter is very important.
  • You anticipate having to answer many questions.
  • You need to discuss a personal matter with full discretion.
  • You must provide complicated explanations.
  • You have been late in responding.
  • You must apologize.



Note that with IP telephony, you can keep track of your calls by recording them. It’s very easy!

Many people, however, prefer email because they can better prepare and structure their messages. Drafting and revising the text is of great importance. Always take the time to re-read your email yourself; otherwise, you risk making a bad impression.


Conference calls

Hosted IP telephony provides a wide range of possibilities, including having several people interact remotely on a single call. Virtual meetings and videoconferences simplify your operations and align employees with each other. When carrying out business development, you can avoid sharing too many emails that lengthen or complicate things—all while maintaining the human aspect of communication.

In 2020, efficient telephony remains a must!

SBK Telecom provides hosted IP technologies that will quickly entice you and your customers!

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