IP phone systems to better serve customers

Customers are truly the reason why your business exists! In today’s competitive markets, it’s crucial that you provide unparalleled service. Your communications system can make all the difference.

Did you know…

  • In addition to increasing your productivity, an IP phone system (IP telephony) can help you improve communications with your customers.
  • That this kind of system isn’t limited to just transmitting and receiving calls?

IP phone systems provide unified communications, which means that they are accessible through a single interface. The systems have many functionalities—telephone software, mobile application, queue, email messaging, etc.—to facilitate your interactions with your customers, your co-workers or any other party. Let’s look at a few of these functionalities.

A single number

Cloud-based IP phone systems enables you to configure how calls are received so that they are routed to the right people and the right devices, like a mobile phone, computer or telephone software. What are the benefits? For the customer, there’s only one number to remember. And you can receive your calls no matter where you are!

For example, suppose that your working time is divided as follows: 50% on the road, 30% in the office and 20% at home—all your calls will be directed to your device at the office as well as to your mobile device through the “Follow Me” function. If you’re at home, you can receive the calls on your laptop. If you’re unable to respond, your voice mail will take a message. As soon as a customer leaves a message, you will receive an email with an audio message attached.

Modern features for users

Traditional telephony systems have few modern technical features and require multiple tools to accomplish different tasks. IP phone systems provide:

  • Bluetooth compatibility: When using a wireless headset is required
  • Call recording: Useful for monitoring, training and to ensure service quality
  • 3-way calling: To gain efficiency, you can connect the customer, the representative and the technician
  • Videoconferencing: Simply the perfect match between video and voice
  • Web conferencing: Ideal for software training, for example
  • Automated voice message transcription: To read your messages instead of listening to them
  • Unique number display: Whether the calls are made from your office or your mobile phone
  • Unified messaging: Only one inbox to manage

Undeniable advantages for businesses


IP phone systems can be adjusted to your needs. Their cloud operation does not require as significant an infrastructure as traditional systems, which results in a reduction in the costs and time required for their installation and maintenance.

External access to system management

The system managers can modify the positions, call routing or any other functionality even when they are outside the company. What’s better for a company with multiple operating sites?


You can obtain statistics on the IP phone system’s operation. Some of these systems also provide real-time monitoring of internal network activities, analysis for improvement and/or modification.

Call centres

IP phone systems makes it easy to establish and modify call centre operations, making it the best choice in terms of telephone systems!

These days, IP phone systems has become essential for anyone wishing to increase productivity and better serve their customers!

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