Managing high volume call centers

High call volumes at your business is not a bad thing. However, you would like your team to be able to provide proper and accurate answers to your customers at all times.

You are also aware that your customers like to be recognized quickly and sometimes even have their needs anticipated!

Why not deploy an IP phone system? Here are some of its benefits for call centres.

Customer relationship management software

Integration with the CRM or any other system is one of IP phone systems major assets. By enabling better information sharing, it helps the team work more efficiently. When a customer calls, the system quickly identifies them; and the system configuration can display important customer data on the agent’s screen. During the call, the agent can view, add or update the notes on file. 

The queue

When call volumes exceed the team’s capacity, the calls wait according to a pre-established priority. For example, instead of simply directing the call to the next available agent, the system can be programmed to direct the caller according to the reason for their call or according to the skills required to answer the call. Automatic routing can therefore direct calls to the most qualified agent in order to meet the customer’s needs, which ensures their satisfaction!

The queue can also be programmed to redirect the overload to temporary employees working from home who become available at specific times.

Call distribution

Which agent will take the next call? There are various scenarios possible to distribute the calls according to specific rules:

  • Linear: The calls are distributed in order of their arrival.
  • Simultaneous: All available agents receive the call simultaneously.
  • Uniform: The system ensures that all calls are distributed equitably amongst agents.
  • Custom: You choose the distribution parameters.

Call transfer

When an agent is unable to properly answer a customer and has to transfer the call to a co-worker, they can:

  1. Dial their co-worker’s extension and speak to them before completing the transfer.
  2. Establish a 3-way call, or
  3. Dial their co-worker’s extension, transfer the customer and disconnect before their co-worker answers the call.


The ability to establish activity statistics in real time on the internal network helps guide your call centre management decisions. These statistics are:

  • The abandon rate
  • Wait time
  • The time spent handling calls
  • Call resolution
  • The satisfaction rate
  • The number of transfers

There is no doubt that IP phone systems can greatly help you manage your call centre and optimize its performance. Your customers will only be better served!

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