SBK Voice and Ms Teams

Business communication at its best!

It’s difficult to predict sustainable trends and perennial technologies in these times of transition. Consumer tastes can be unfathomable, fashions and uses can be different than anticipated, without considering the crisis. Certainly, Microsoft Teams is the hot application right now - it has experienced a 275% growth in 2020! And SBK Telecom remains at the forefront by integrating this application into its business telephony systems.


A top-level, collaborative platform 

MS Teams, the SaaS-type collaborative communication portal most suitable for teleworking, is now one of these tools that makes things so much better and easier. When combined with the power of SBK Telecom’s IP telephony, Teams becomes a complete platform with a myriad of functionalities…and voice.

Collaboration and proximity to work, whether remotely or not, have never been more real. An entire environment of quick collaboration and efficient communication is created on any computer or smartphone, thanks to the Teams - VoIP link. “Team mobility is more than ever a requirement for any business. Coupled with the Teams platform, our IP telephony services provide access to a complete solution," said Daniel Fortin, Vice-President of SBK Telecom.

SBK Telephony + Teams: The voice of efficient simplicity

Teams is a portal for collaboration and effective content sharing, which has become widely-used due to changing working habits during this pandemic. Microsoft's application has found itself very suitable. Only voice capability was missing to reproduce a comprehensive virtual working environment. When coupled with IP telephony in the workplace, all the functions of a "contact centre" and "centralized reception" were easily integrated.

"It is now possible to eliminate all telephone devices and use Teams to make and receive calls. The capital savings are real. With this integration, SBK business telephony remains the essential element for routing calls from outside," said Daniel Fortin.

In fact, the Teams app becomes a soft phone that is part of the Office suite. During video calls and teamwork sessions, it is now possible to include external or internal collaborators in the conversation by a simple click or by using the virtual keyboard to compose.

Nothing but positive

The Teams - SBK Telecom integration is the perfect combination. You get all the collaborative functionalities of the Microsoft platform, all the power of IP telephony and all the savings specific to VoIP systems ($5.00/month per user with SBK).*


* Activation of the MS Teams Common Area phone or phone system license is required.

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