Voice cloud migration: are you ready ?



Cloud Flexibility  

Effective collaboration in a modern work environment requires seamless communication among employees, regardless of their location. Cloud solutions offer this flexibility, enabling transparent collaboration across different devices. Though the transition may seem complex, the benefits include greater flexibility, reduced costs, up-to-date technology, and simplified vendor management. In summary, adopting the cloud is essential to meet the needs of the modern workforce.


Mobility at the center of communication 

The pandemic has accelerated the shift to a remote and hybrid work environment, making video collaboration the norm. Cloud flexibility has become crucial, allowing smooth connectivity across all devices, from conference rooms to mobile phones. In summary, the modern work environment offers reactive and transparent collaboration, where employees can connect and exchange easily, regardless of their location.


On-premise vs cloud-based systems 

On-premise phone systems require the installation and maintenance of local equipment, while cloud phone systems operate via remote servers managed by a provider. Initial costs are higher for on-premise systems, which also require regular maintenance, whereas cloud systems offer a more flexible and scalable solution with lower initial costs and simplified maintenance.


A contact center that makes the difference 

Contact centers represent a crucial element regardless of the size of the company. This is not just about a crowded room of agents on the phone but rather about business intelligence features providing greater visibility into our business and increased efficiency. The shift to cloud contact center enables a full range of features, including call management, chatting, and improving communication performance. Thanks to this approach, companies can benefit from increased flexibility, allowing agents to work remotely or from different sites while ensuring a consistent customer experience. Additionally, cloud contact centers offer advantages in terms of cost reduction, scalability, and ease of implementation compared to traditional on-premise solutions. In summary, they represent a modern and effective approach to managing customer interactions, tailored to the changing needs of today's businesses.

Is your company well-positioned for this cloud transition? Feel free to contact one of our advisors who will be able to assess your needs and guide you through the decision-making process.