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    What is IP telephony?

    IP telephony is a telephony service that allows the utilization of IP networks. You will often hear the "VoIP" acronym for "Voiceover Internet Protocol". This allows the transmission of a telephonic communication via a network using the TCP/IP protocol such as a LAN, a WAN or simply the Internet.

    What is IP telephony in hosted mode?

    The client uses the infrastructure of the service provider. In other words, there is no telephone system (PBX) at the client’s offices. All the telephony equipment can be found in the provider’s secure data centre. It is a "cloud" service where the client pays a monthly service fee for the complete environment including the phone lines.

    Do I need new telecommunications equipment?

    You do not if your switchs are new generations and support several elements that can be managed as well as the power over Ethernet (PoE). SBK will guide you with this element and for the acquisition of the needed equipment.

    What are the differences between the traditional telephony and the hosted telephony?

    The main difference lies in the fact that the client no longer has to worry about phone systems in its offices:

    • Capital expenditures (CAPEX) are lower since there is no telephone system to buy
    • Operational costs (OPEX) are optimized due to the sharing of resources and telephone lines between all your sites
    • No upgrade required for your phone system
    • The evolution of the telephony features are taken care of by the provider

    What are the benefits of a hosted telephony solution compared to a traditional solution?

    • Financial benefits: capital and operational
    • Fast response in case of disaster at your office. Calls can be redirected to another office, to mobile phones or a centralized voicemail
    • No infrastructure to take care of
    • No maintenance contract
    • No in-house expertise required
    • Add or remove lines in a few minutes
    • Web portal for the daily management of corporate telephony

    Do I keep my phone numbers?

    Yes. SBK TELECOM handles the migration process of your number to its infrastructure.

    Do my current phone devices can be used?

    Everything depends on the devices. The main thing to keep in mind is to check if your devices support the SIP protocol. If it is the case, SBK will verify the validity of the model and confirm the possibility to keep them.

    What do I need to reach your telephony infrastructure?

    The SBK phone service can be reached either by a single high-speed Internet business link or via a dedicated telecommunications link, or by optimizing your telecommunication infrastructure already in place such as an MPLS network. SBK takes the responsibility to assist you in this process; our project team will guide you. If necessary, our professional services team will take full responsibility of the project to free you from all the worries of this portion of the solution.

    Who do I call if I need new phone numbers?

    SBK is your provider for all your telephony needs. Whether it is for the addition of telephones or telephone lines for new or existing locations, we are your single point of contact. SBK is your provider of local lines and all toll free numbers (1-800, 1-866, 1-877, etc.)

    Do I still need my traditional phone lines?

    No. The SBK solution is a phone system service including telephone lines. When migrating, our project manager will notify you as to when you can cancel your contractual agreements with your supplier of telephone lines.

    Who will bill me for my long distance calls?

    SBK is your provider for all your local and long distance calls no matter where you call.

    How does the 9-1-1 work?

    SBK records your phone numbers linked to the right physical locations (addresses) so the emergency services go to the right place when a 9-1-1 call is made. This is a mandatory service as an IP telephony provider in the "cloud".

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